‘Nuff Said

My affair with booze and bad foods didn’t stop for the entire weekend. It was delicious.

There was cake with cannoli filling on the bottom involved. ’nuff said.

Now I’m back on track. Day one of the nutrition challenge with my ladies! Which I have to say, after the weekend I had is absolutely necessary. My arthritis is flaring in my foot so much so that it’s hard to walk and my back still hurts from Friday, AND I’m still slightly sore from Angie (aka my personal hell) on Thursday. I think weekend events have cooled off for the most part so at least I won’t be cheating every weekend (haha). There are 5 cheat days in the program but hopefully I won’t use them all because I have to seriously get my arthritis back on track. Things will significantly slow down in August so I think I’ll make August a cheat-free self challenge.

I’ve realized that my health crap is getting in the way of any fast progress with CF, and I need to know how to control it. I’ve been going 4-5 times per week but my body has really been getting in the way. Between flare ups, shin splints, joint weakness… I don’t know if this is because of the Rheumatoid or because of being post menopausal (yes… I know I’m too young for that. I went through “the change” when I was 19. I’ll write an aside on that, too). I know that the latter gets in my way of losing weight quickly, but I’m curious if it’s getting in the way of CF progress because of bone density etc.? Does anyone have experience with this??


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