So. Much. Debauchery.
So. Much. Food.
So. Much. FUN!

So I’ve been completely MIA lately. This weekend was SO much fun though! Started with celebrating my friend Sara’s birthday on Thursday. We drank an unbelievable amount of vodka and ate insane amounts of sushi. It was an awesome time! Then I went to the Oriole’s game for my friend Bridget’s birthday. We had some alcohol and had nachos at the game (which were totally not worth it- quite disgusting, actually). Then SATURDAY. Kindling girls, Sara’s husband and 2 of her close friends got together for Sara’s birthday. Holy MOLE was this an awesome time. It was a day full of indulging!! Cupcakes, cookies, buffalo chicken dip, chips, cheese balls!! Holy delicious.

Yesterday I was better 🙂 I had bacon for breakfast (champ) no lunch, leek/ prosciutto casserole, roast beef, roasted beets for dinner. I also had my first air yoga class with Erica! It was AWESOMESAUCE. Totally recommend to anyone and everyone.

I’m making it a goal to actually post every day this week (excluding weekend), so hold me accountable!


This blew my mind. Don’t hate, it’s for a good time sustainable paleo. Obviously everything in moderation, but I have to say that I’m quite excited about that little article! Not that it’s an excuse to drink every night, just that I won’t feel so guilty when it happens.

7/1, Day 1

Here’s the daily break-down…

B- Coffee
L- Chicken thighs, salad
D- Cauliflower rice, rotisserie chicken, zoodles, salad with olives

W- 96oz.
Sup- Probiotic, liver care(2/day), milk thistle/ dandelion/ yellow dock(2/day), magnesium, idoral, multivitamin, N-Acetyl- Cysteine Dock, D-3 (2/day), Liquid B-12 (25 drops)

Power Cleans (135#/ 95#)
Ring Dips

Since I hurt my back, I took it easy and did 58# for the PC’s. I also did box dips instead of ring dips. I found that I really like the box dips because it helps with shoulder mobility, too! I finished in 5:40.

Capone did not get a walk or a run from me yesterday. Mike had to take him because my foot was so effed up.

15 minutes of various spinal mobility movements. My lower back is jacked up, so this was pretty uncomfortable! I’m hoping that it’ll get easier throughout the month!

I was SO hungry yesterday. I definitely need to get better with eating breakfast and more substantial lunch to hold me through the day. I really sucked at that yesterday, but did much better today (reflected in om noms tomorrow). My foot still hurts, but is significantly better today. I can actually walk on it. I continue to have twinges in my back but it’s feeling better for the most part. I’m excited about the mobility because I’m hoping it will strengthen and mobilize parts of my spine that were crunched in a car accident in 2005.